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blow-molding plastic

Experts in Custom Plastic Blow Molding


Spoilers, ventilation ducts, tanks, etc.

The blow-molding process is the process often used to fill the needs of the transport industry. The transport market is changing quickly and blow molding can efficiently fill the market’s new needs.

Blow molding ranks among the most economical molding processes of mass-produced plastic parts. The equipment costs are low and the cost per part is very advantageous compared to other processes such as rotational molding and thermoforming, whose parts cost more.

As regards geometry, blow molding offers real advantages at both the structural and impact-resisting levels. Blow molding offers incomparable possibilities for ventilation ducts or pipes used for the circulation of fluids because it allows impressive geometric configurations for adapting itself to the remaining space between the other components already in place. The insert-molding, in-mold-punching and overmolding techniques that we offer are often used in that particular market segment.

The parts that we mold in the transport industry include spoilers, caps for 4x4 vehicle step plates, ventilation hoses, handles, fuel tanks, OEM manufacturing, etc.

Air intake duct, wakeboard ballasts