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Lefko Extrusion-soufflage et injection par procédé de produits en plastique

Experts in Custom Plastic Blow Molding

Security & Environment

Channelizers, cases, filters, etc.

Blow molding enables the manufacture of highly secure plastic objects. The choice of specialized resins with specific standards such as resistance to fire, static electricity and UV rays are possible with the blow molding technique.

Several products molded by Lefko further meet the stringent standards of the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)", Underwriters Labatories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Blow molding is ideal for molding large objects requiring high resistance to impact.

The molding resins that we use can be recycled. We therefore mold some products with recycled resins in order to be environmentally friendly.

The parts that we mold in the Security and Environment area include highway drums, indicators for emergency aviation, ducts for security masks, emergency eyewash stations, containers for septic tank filters, barrels for home composting, etc.

Prefilter for wastewater treatment systems